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Deanston Scotch Virgin Oak is gold in color, and a smell of lightly perfumed, grass, cream, slightly nutty. With a taste of cereal-like with a soft mid-palate and a malty note. Also a finish of green grape.
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Deanston Scotch Single Malt 12 Year has a very pale, green gold color, and a smell of linseed oil. With a taste reminiscent of a light, nutty, sherry. Light with a touch of nuttiness to finish.
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A first for Deanston this rare Organic Single Malt Whisky has ben handmade by a small team of local crafstmen who rely on traditional distilling techniques and their own eye to ensure quality. Certified ...
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Why don’t we hear more about Deanston, the Southern Highlands distillery that makes up the smallest portion of the Bunnahabhain and Tobermorey trifecta? Because Deanston’s main purpose is to create whisky ...
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