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The wine leads with intriguing aromas of spice, leather and dried herb supported by dark fruits and delicate florals. The palate is stained dark with layer upon layer of beguiling fruit, and again the expensive ...
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Complex layers of dark berries, earth and minerals seamlessly blend with notes of tobacco, mocha and hints of earth and spice rack. Balanced and rounded tannins lend a silken texture to the wine which is ...
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A densely textured wine with deep and complex tannins, notes of crushed roses and violets. Hints of spice are underpinned by notes of dried red fruit and dark berries that flirt in the background.
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This fine wine is a New Zealand Still Wine 2014 vintage from Central Otago produced by Felton Road that is 750ml.
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Aromas of dusty roses and violets intermingle with hints of cinnamon, clove and Asian spices. On the palate, fresh berries and ripe red fruit are framed by a supple and elegant structure of minerals and ...
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With a lighter color, lower tannins, and a light to medium body, Pinot Noir wine is a favorite among red drinkers who prefer a balanced, fruitier and more subtle wine. As easy-going and pleasing as its flavors may be, the Pinot grapes are rather high maintenance. If high school taught us anything, it's that popularity allows for such privileged treatment. Sensitive to extreme conditions, Pinot Noir grows well in California and Oregon, New Zealand, Italy and France. We carry Pinot Noir for sale from each of these ideal growing regions to help you find the best bottles all in one place.

A basic rule of thumb when it comes to wine tasting is that reds are better suited for red meats and roasted vegetables while whites are better for chicken, fish and other light meats. If you're a fan of red wines, Pinot Noir is the perfect exception to the rule. The light body and balanced flavors of the best Pinot Noirs pair well with richer light meats like chicken, pork, veal, and duck. If you're still working on your wine and food pairings, the diverse profile of this red wine pairs well with many dishes, meaning you can buy Pinot Noir to keep on hand and still impress at dinner parties as if you paired them on purpose.

Have everyone over for mushroom risotto or a delicious white pizza to pair with Pinot. Sure, you'll have to clean up after company, but it's an excellent excuse not to drive. Cheers to purple mouths and wine teeth! Trust us, after a case, you won't even care.