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Explore another culture without the jetlag. Wine Chateau brings you a wide selection of sake, a traditional Japanese rice wine, from both Japanese and American brewers. Explore the nuanced differences among brands when you buy online for less.

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Hana Sake Flavored Fuji Apple-Wine Chateau
HANA Fuji Apple appeals with its fresh aroma that fulfills the palate with the crisp tartness of the fruit. The lovely, lingering finish continues the taste of rich apple flavor. Its low alcohol makes it...

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Fu-Ki Sake Junmai-Wine Chateau
This superior quality Sake is made from the finest of sun-nurtured rice and contains 16% alcohol. Fu-Ki Sake enhances the flavor of food by cleansing and sensitizing the palate. Fu-Ki Sake may be consumed with...

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Gekkeikan Sake Black & Gold-Wine Chateau
Style: Full-bodied with hints of honeydew, papaya, anise and roasted nuts. Well balanced, finishes long and smooth. A great sipping sake.Pairing Notes: This versatile food sake compliments duck, grilled chicken and pork, scallops and steamed...

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Gekkeikan Sake Haiku-Wine Chateau
Slow fermentation at low temperatures gives this sake a slightly dry flavor with a light aroma reminiscent of orchard apples. Enjoy chilled or over ice.Lightly herbaceous with hints of pear and apple. Good acidity and...

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Gekkeikan Sake Traditional-Wine Chateau
Clear with a straw tint. Medium-full body, medium acid. Round, smooth and well balanced, with a pleasantly assertive character and a lingering finish.Herbaceous with hints of grapefruit and a light earthiness. Good acidity, mineral driven,...

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Moonstone Sake Coconut Lemongrass-Wine Chateau
Sparking your imagination with aromas of tropical spice, citrus, and bubble gum, the lush character of this saké will romance your palate with complex layers of flavor. This velvety Nigori saké is a masterful blend...

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Ozeki Sake Premium Junmai-Wine Chateau
Ozeki Premium Junmai is one of the three sake products that Ozeki first brewed in California in 1979. Ozeki Premium Junmai is the traditional style sake that you can enjoy anyway you would like with...

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Sensei Sake-Wine Chateau
Clean aroma with excellent flavor. Serve either chilled or slightly warm. Using premium polished rice and the purest water, sensei sake is fermented at low temperature and and produced using a process that dates back...

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G Sake Junmai Ginjo Genshu Joy-Wine Chateau
Bold, rich, full fruit and earthy flavor tones with hints of ripe melon, pear, plum, cinnamon and cardammom. Handcrafted using ancient Japanese techniques and American sensibilities, g joy is the essence of East meets West...

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Gekkeikan Sake Kobai Plum-Wine Chateau
Gekkeikan Kobai Plum is light and refreshing with delectable plum flavor.

Notes of almond and apple blossom enhance the natural plum flavor, while honey and meyer lemon lace round out the finish.

The unique balance between sweet...

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Gekkeikan Sake Silver-Wine Chateau
This aromatic sake is fermented to achieve its dry and crisp flavor. Creatively packaged in attractive green bottles, this sake is designed to be served chilled or over ice.Crisp, with light citrus notes and a...

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Momokawa Sake Diamond-Wine Chateau
Integrated layers of earthy minerals and complex fruit notes allow your taste buds to explore the diversity of saké while remaining focused on the glass in hand.The balance makes Diamond easy to pair with a...

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Momokawa Sake Organic Junmai Ginjo-Wine Chateau
Medium rich with big aromas of tropical flowers and fruits, this Junmai Ginjo offers lush flavors or complex and exotic fruits. Proving to be an easy every day choice for saké enthusiasts, it is also...

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Momokawa Sake Organic Nigori-Wine Chateau
There is only one way for people to know if a product is certified organic. Only one way to know if it has met the rigid organic standards of the United States Department of Agriculture....

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Momokawa Sake Pearl-Wine Chateau
Rich, creamy and loaded with layers of coconut, banana, anise and creamy sweet rice flavors. A great sipper with spicy Thai cuisine, hearty barbecue (especially if spicy), chocolate treats or as a mixer in decadent...

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Many drinkers know sake as a Japanese drink served around the hibachi table, but there is more behind the beverage than one may realize. Just as wine is made with a select type of grape from a specific growing region, sake is made with a special kind of rice that undergoes a milling process to produce just the right flavor. Created through a process more like brewing beer, the rice is converted to starch, then to sugar and finally to alcohol. If you're new to sake, proceed with caution. Its water-like appearance may look harmless enough, but the process yields an ABV of 15-20 percent. That's higher than beer and wine, so know that this drink doesn't mess around.

As a result of processing and regions, each sake has layers and a profile all its own. Much like wine, different sake profiles include elements such as fragrance, acidity, savoriness, sweetness and other measures of complexity. We know you're excited to get a taste, but take in the aroma and full flavor of the sake before fully indulging. You may notice flavor notes that will complement cuisine from the region, including green tea, pine, celery, ginger and other earthy, spicy or herbal notes.

Serve it chilled, at room temperature or warmed up. There's no wrong way to drink sake – just the way we like it. Have it chilled on a warm summer night or heat it up for a nip in the winter. However you prefer it, drink it any way you like.

Still curious about sake but not ready to take the full plunge? Opt for flavored sake. It will provide a nice introduction to the beverage with delicious flavors including coconut lemongrass, Fuji apple, raspberry, Asian pear and more. If you're ready for a traditional sake, choose from organic and classic variations from reputable Japanese and American brewers. Shop our selection, and buy sake online for less at Wine Chateau.