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Vodka is a clear spirit with origins in Eastern Europe, namely Poland and Russia. The term can be loosely translated to mean ‘water.' At Wine Chateau, we believe in the importance of staying hydrated, so we offer a selection of thousands of different brands and varieties of both flavored and unflavored vodka you can buy online for less.

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Ciroc Vodka Coconut-Wine Chateau

Notes: Ciroc stands apart from other vodka labels because its spirits are made from grapes. Ciroc uses French Mauzac snap frost grapes from the Gaillac region of France. Vodka is distilled five times, using techniques...

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Ciroc Vodka Snap Frost-Wine Chateau

Crisp in clean is how the finish of Ciroc Vodka is described. The vodka is brewed from Mauzac Blanc or snap frost grapes grown in the Gaillac region in the South of France. Ciroc distills...

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Ciroc Vodka Peach-Wine Chateau

Notes: When it comes to vodka, Ciroc is king. This unique peach-flavored vodka offers a juicy, refreshing peach flavor with a subtle hint of orchard fruit. Like all vodkas by this top maker, Ciroc Vodka...

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Ciroc Vodka Red Berry-Wine Chateau

Notes: Ciroc Red Berry Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka is an enticing flavor-infused varietal. The spirit is distilled from grapes five times. The use of grapes makes this vodka gluten free. After its multiple distilling, Ciroc infuses...

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Ciroc Vodka Amaretto-Wine Chateau
Ciroc Amaretto flavored spirit is exquisite, infused with a distinctive blend of natural amaretto essences. Its unique character comes from fine French grapes distilled in the legendary Cognac region of France. Distilled five times and...

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Ciroc Vodka Apple-Wine Chateau
Temptation never felt so right.CÎROC Apple, infused with a vivid apple and other natural flavors, with a touch of ripeness and a subtly smooth, tart finish.

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Ciroc Vodka Mango-Wine Chateau
Ciroc Mango is distilled from the finest French Ugni Blanc grapes and infused with sweet and tropical mango flavors.In the glass, you get bright tropical mango notes on the nose with undertones of tangy citrus....

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Ciroc Vodka Pineapple-Wine Chateau

Notes: Infused with pineapple and other natural flavors, Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka Pineapple has a silky, smooth feel to complement its fruity flavor with a touch of vanilla. The tropical, flavored vodka begins with a process...

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Much less regulated than whisky production, vodka can be made from nearly any fermented grain or fruit, the most common being molasses, corn, rye, and wheat. It is often distilled more than once and filtered, but vodka is not put in casks or aged to take on the flavors of the wood the way in which whisky develops its unique profile. Vodka, therefore, is a relatively neutral spirit with a clear color, very little hint of the original ingredients and no real distinguishing characteristics.

While some may say this makes vodka boring, we respectfully disagree and insist they have another drink to loosen up. Eager to love all spirits, we would rather take the perspective that the neutral profile of vodka makes it all the more versatile. It makes the best party guest considering it lends itself so well to mixing with other cocktail ingredients. Vodka is an essential addition to any home bar and is a real crowd-pleaser because of its neutrality, not in spite of it. The spirit is also the foundation for many popular drinks, including Cosmopolitans, Bloody Marys, Martinis, White Russians and many more.

Flavored vodkas are also increasingly popular. Shop Wine Chateau for a wide range of flavors from fruity flavors like raspberry, coconut, orange and pineapple to flavors that sound more like dessert, such as cake, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, espresso and marshmallow. Add a new twist to any of your favorite cocktails with flavored vodka from Wine Chateau. Our search options make it easy for you to find something new to try.

With our selection of vodka online, we can make sure you find the right flavor or brand – no matter how obscure – to help you concoct your perfect beverage. Think ahead for the holidays, parties and gifts with a bottle anyone over 21 will enjoy. Purchase vodka online, and have it shipped directly to your home for a shopping experience that's almost as fun as drinking the spirits — we said almost.