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Gin is a classic white spirit available for purchase on Wine Chateau. With a strong history of production in Holland and Britain, gin has reigned supreme as a drink of choice for centuries. Over the course of this many years, complex and unique flavor profiles have emerged. Find your favorite while enjoying the luxury of online shopping.

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Bombay Gin Sapphire-Wine Chateau

We are passionate about producing the finest gin possible; which is why the creation of Bombay Sapphire is truly unique. Whilst ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their flavor, the...

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Hendrick's Gin-Wine Chateau
Clear. Polished aromas of fresh citrus herbal juniper flower petal and cucumber follow through on bright silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with violet lavender and pink peppercorn notes resonating brightly. Finishes with a...

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Tanqueray Gin-Wine Chateau
Tanqueray gin. Still crafted using high-quality grains, pure water, select juniper berries and a special recipe of botanicals then quadruple distilled, see why this is the one of the world's best-selling gins.Charles Tanqueray. (1810-1868), son...

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Brockmans Gin-Wine Chateau
Brockmans is like no other gin. It stands proudly alone from the many other types of gin due to the unique recipe of exquisite botanicals and the patient steeping distillation process. To make Brockmans, exquisite...

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Bulldog Gin-Wine Chateau
The definition of the brand released in the Chinese Year of the Dog (2006) begins with the bottle. It is dark, stout and crowned with a spiked color around the neck, making it is as...

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Magellan Gin-Wine Chateau
Magellan Gin is indeed a blue color. We bottle Magellan in a clear glass so you can admire the spirit inspired by Magellan’s travels between the blue sky and deep blue sea. During the fourth...

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Waterloo Gin-Wine Chateau
Treaty Oak Waterloo gin is a traditional, London-dry styled gin that uses some botanicals specific to the area to give it a "Texas twist." This ends up meaning the juniper-forward flavors of the London dry...

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Portobello Road Gin London Dry No. 171-Wine Chateau
On the front of the palate Portobello Road Gin has a generous slug of juniper, the mid palate has a sustained, fresh citrus character from our use of lemon, bitter orange and coriander, which then...

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Beefeater Gin London Dry-Wine Chateau

Notes: Whether you prefer it on the rocks or as the foundation of your classic dry martini, Beefeater Gin London Dry is a must for your well-stocked bar. This traditional British gin is made with...

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Bombay Gin London Dry-Wine Chateau
We are passionate about producing the finest gin possible; which is why the creation of Bombay Sapphire is truly unique. Whilst ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their flavor, the...

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Cotswolds Gin Dry-Wine Chateau
Our Cotswolds Dry Gin has a delectable blend of nine carefully-considered botanicals.The expression of the traditional London dry style comes from the maceration into our pure wheat spirit of juniper, coriander and angelica root, which...

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New Amsterdam Gin-Wine Chateau
Every gin begins as a neutral, colorless spirit base. Intrigue arises when juniper and as many as 20 botanicals are added. The recipe combinations are infinite. No two gins are alike. And, no gin is...

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Whistling Andy Gin Cucumber-Wine Chateau
The cucumber notes beneath the body of this dry gin are subtle, lingering though the finish. Free of artificial flavors, eight botanicals are engaged in this gin giving this smooth yet crisp spirit a unique...

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Bombay Gin Sapphire East-Wine Chateau
Bombay Sapphire East is the newest member of the Bombay Family. Like the other types of Bombay gin, taste the Oriental in these exotic gin.From the first sip, you taste immediately the black pepper and...

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Boodles Gin Mulberry-Wine Chateau
Boodles Proper British Gin introduces Boodles Mulberry, the first-ever mulberry gin in America. Boodles Mulberry pays homage to the humble mulberry tree which has been a familiar sight in the English countryside for centuries. Inspired...

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Much like vodka, gin is usually wheat or rye based, is distilled in a still and carries looser restrictions on classifications. The major difference between the two is gin's distinguishing profile. Vodka is a neutral spirit where gin was born to stand out. The flavor is derived from juniper berries and a combination of other botanicals, including anise, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander and more. Each gin maker has its own combination of botanicals to create a unique profile. There are several gin classifications based on ingredients and distillation process, and higher quality gins go through multiple distillations for greater complexity.

Because there are so many botanicals available to choose from, no two gins are alike. British, and specifically London, gins tend to be dry and harder whereas German and American gins have a lighter body and lower proof. Purchase gin online at Wine Chateau to start comparing some of the best-known brands. These complexities may also change the flavor of your cocktail. We find it's best to be thorough, and with the savings we offer, you will find several varieties to pique your interest.

Get to mixing. There is no such thing as offending purists when it comes to gin. The complexity and flavor profile of gin is meant for mixing, so don't be afraid to try out your favorite cocktails. This clear spirit is a must-have for any home bar and adds a sophisticated touch to your liquor collection. Try all of the classics, or create your own. Find your perfect proportions for the martini, gimlet, Singapore Sling, Negroni, Tom Collins and, of course, the gin and tonic.

Make sure you're stocked up on the essentials for when company comes over. Browse our selection of the best brands and buy gin online at Wine Chateau to save even more on your favorites. Keep an eye out for deals and free shipping to make the most of your purchase.